Sunroom Service

Has your Sunroom suddenly developed a water leak? Did your Sunroom sustain damage from the recent hail storm? Is the company you purchased your sunroom from no longer in business. If you answered yes to any of these questi20131115_151006ons or are experiencing other problems with your sunroom, you should be calling Granny’s Guy. We are the premier sunroom service company for San Antonio and the surrounding area. We have been building and servicing sunrooms for over 28 years. Unlike other companies, Granny’s Guy will service all makes and models of sunrooms. Your sunroom is important to you and that makes it important to us.

Granny’s Guy offers a number of repair options with regard to your sunroom.

  1. Strip and reseal – We remove the old silicone form your sunroom roof, clean the area and apply new 100% silicone. This silicone usually last 5-7 years depending on weather conditions and sunroom type.\
  2. Glass Breakage – Granny’s Guy will survey your sunroom, take glass measurements, order replacement glass, remove the broken glass and install new glass. NOTE: due to the age of the sunroom, replacement glass may not always match the original glass. We always try to find an exact match. We deal with all major manufacturers but some glass will no longer be in production.
  3. Damaged Flashing – We will remove the damaged flashing and install new flashing. Flashing is usually used where the sunroom attaches to the home.
  4. Foggy Glass – Same as with broken glass
  5. Windows/Doors – We can adjust, repair or replace most in production windows and door.

Whatever problem you may be experiencing with your sunroom, give us a call.  Granny’s Guy will have you back to enjoying your sunroom in no time. Granny’s Guy also services Patio Covers and Screen Enclosures.